Styling an Intimate Tuscan Wedding with Tia & Claire Weddings

Crafting an intimate Tuscan wedding aesthetic that pays homage to the vibrancy of Italy's rich culture? Look no further for your style inspo! We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tia and Claire Weddings to delve into the essence of their latest Tuscan-inspired creation. Their meticulous attention to detail is evident as they intertwine verdant greenery with the bold crimson tones of ripe tomatoes, accentuated by hints of sunny yellows reminiscent of olive groves. The ambience is further elevated by the soft, flickering glow of elegant olive taper candles nestled within slender glass sleeves and delicate glass holders, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration of love.

Join us as we unravel Tia's insights into the inspiration behind the design concept, delving into the depths of creativity that brings this vision to life.

Q: Can you briefly describe your business, your style and the services you provide?

A: Tia and Claire Weddings is a boutique wedding business specialising in planning, design, and coordination across Australia and abroad. Our mission is to create beautiful, modern, timeless and romantic weddings that are perfect in every way. We bring our experience, expertise, and passion to each step of the process so that couples can relax knowing that all your details are being taken care of. We offer full-service planning, design, partial planning, and on the day coordination.


Q: What was your inspiration and vision behind the styling for this shoot?

A: Specialising in destination weddings, our focus lies in crafting designs that reflect both the couple and the unique location. During this shoot, the captivating textures of the buildings and the picturesque landscape evoked memories of the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy. Given our annual visits to Italy, we cherish the moments spent strolling through small towns, observing fresh produce hanging from carts along the streets. Inspired by this, we wanted to bring a touch of that charm to the Earth House Byron Bay.


Q: Tell us about the colour palette you chose for this shoot. How did these colours capture the essence of a Tuscan summer?

A: Due to the venue's natural ambience, our aim was to introduce a sense of brightness and light. We incorporated green elements into the table space to symbolise a calming connection with the vibrant tomatoes brightness. Utilising fresh produce is certainly a styling essential for 2023 and 2024 events.

Q: Tuscan summers often evoke images of outdoor gatherings and rustic charm. How did you infuse these elements into the shoot's styling and decor? Can you share any tips or advice for individuals looking to incorporate Tuscan summer elements into their own events or weddings?

A: Many European villas project a rustic charm, but our approach is to consistently infuse a modern style that reflects the couple's unique taste on their special day. For a Tuscan summer event or wedding, our preference is always to opt for long tables instead of rounds, fostering a family gathering. If you have a wooden table without tablecloths, consider introducing softness through additional fabrics to create a calming atmosphere. When setting the table, strategically gather your flowers, fresh produce, and candles at varying heights. This ensures that guests' eyes are drawn to the carefully curated elements on the table, maximising the impact of the time and effort invested.


Q: How did our Hueseeka candles, candle holders and Glass Sleeves you selected help to complete your vision/or why did you choose these candles/products for this shoot?

A: We used travertine tiles on the table to capture the building's texture. To not overwhelming the table with another texture to colours, we chose classic glass candle holders and sleeves to highlight the stunning dark green candle from Hueseeka. The use of Olive coloured candles served the purpose of introducing an additional layer of green texture to the table.


Q: What were the key elements of this shoot?

A: The purpose of this shoot was to demonstrate the captivating style achieved through the strategic clustering of elements. A significant aspect of the shoot was the incorporation of tomatoes in varying sizes, contributing to the overall essence of a Tuscan summer. In fact, Tuscany is renowned for producing tomatoes as one of its primary vegetables. This vegetable holds the distinction of being a product of the terroir, a French term symbolising produce grown in a region owing to its specific soil and climate conditions. This is precisely why we selected tomatoes as a key element for the shoot, aiming to infuse a distinct Tuscan ambience into the styled table.


From the vibrant hues of ripe tomatoes to the soft glow of olive taper candles, every detail is thoughtfully curated to evoke the romance and charm of Tuscany. Whether it’s a destination wedding or an intimate affair closer to home, Tia & Claire Weddings ensure that every moment is filled with love, joy and unparalleled beauty. Discover the curated elements that made this intimate Tuscan wedding truly magical and recreate the ambience at your next gathering.


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