CANDLE CO. is now Hueseeka

CANDLE CO. is now Hueseeka

CANDLE CO. is now Hueseeka. We’re delighted to have you join us for this new era of colour, design, events, moments and rituals. 

Why the change?

Our first love was (and always will be) candles. As CANDLE CO., our mission was to bring interior designers, event planners and decor experts the best range of candles in Australia, with a hue for every setting and occasion. 

Eventually, our love of colour couldn’t be contained within candles alone and we expanded to candle holders, tableware, decor – you see where we’re going here! We had a burning desire to play a more significant role in making your events, moments and rituals truly unforgettable – and so, Hueseeka was born.

Hueseeka is your party planning co-pilot, your forever friend and your go-to supplier for all things tableware, decor and, of course, candles – everything you need to curate unforgettable events and enduring moments. 


What about the CANDLE CO. range?

Never fear, the full CANDLE CO. range that you know and love is still available. You’ll find our signature colour range, sculptural candles, event candles and all your old faves as part of the Hueseeka family. 

CANDLES. Our full range of CANDLE CO. products are available along with even more colours, styles and scents

As we transition into tableware, decor and even more candle designs, we're inspired by you – our muse. We are driven by your search for timeless, functional, and bold decorative pieces in the hues you adore. This led us to the birth of our new era, Hueseeka.


So, what’s new?

Hueseeka is all about enhancing those everyday rituals and moments and curating exquisite events through colour and design. Our curated range brings with it limitless possibilities and endless inspiration. We aim to inspire and empower you to bolden brightly and create gorgeous memories. 

You’ll find all your CANDLE CO. favourites along with new Hueseeka delights to fall in love with. 

• TABLEWARE including dinnerware, glassware, linen and servingware.

• DECOR including candle holders, vases and home accents.

• BUNDLES including entertaining and bridal bundles for an instant, curated look.


We’re so excited to bring you new and beautiful pieces and become your first choice for all things home decor and event styling. 

So, here’s to our new journey together, as Hueseeka. Bottoms up darling, let’s brighten boldly!