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Relax and unwind with one of our scented candles.

Create a bespoke environment or infuse an occasion with a personalised scent to suit your style. Choose from our wide range of scents across our candle and complementary home and body ranges, to either harmonise or enhance your desired atmosphere.

One of our strongest senses, scent can alter our mood, relieve stress, help us gain energy, and even enhance concentration.

When strategically placed or delicately spritzed, scented candles, diffusers and rooms sprays, subtly release aromas, and transform environments.

To invoke a sense of romance or luxe, explore the floral scent family collection. Style a collection of floral scented dinner candles, pillars and tealights to create an ethereal wedding tablescape or lightly mist a living space to reflect the scent of a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Like a breath of fresh air, clean scents conjure up scenes of ocean waves and mountaintops. Perfect for creating a soothing at-home spa haven or refreshing a tired space. Go bold with commanding scented pillars or soothe the senses with infused body wash and bath salts.

Feel uplifted and energised with fruit and citrus scents. Popular as room sprays for welcoming entrances, they offer a more vibrant fragrance to reflect your individual personality.

Inspired by nature with an unmistakable masculine edge, woody scents call to mind images of a dense forest or log cabin. Typically warm and dry, this scent is ideal for cooler months. Gently spray a living space to encourage a sense of cosiness or create a candlelight tabletop display to bring the outdoors in.

Add a depth of interest with the spice family of scents. Exotic spices such as clove and cinnamon come together to infuse a room with an edge of seasonal change. From cool autumns to scenes of a white Christmas, spice infused candles make popular gifts and stunning seasonal centrepieces.

Go gourmet with gourmand. One of the newest scent families, gourmand is pure indulgence for lovers all of things sweet. With edible notes of creamy vanilla, buttery caramel and sugared fruits, they create scrumptious scents worth swooning over.

Whether you want to style a particular atmosphere or gift an indulgent present for a friend in need of some self-care, we have a scent to suit the occasion, room, and recipient. Explore the extensive collection of scented candles and home and body products from Hueseeka to find your new favourite fragrance.