Steve Cordony's Countryside Soiree

Embark on a journey to relive the charm of Interior Stylist, Steve Cordony's 40th birthday celebration. Inspired by a modern vineyard theme and hosted at his rustic farmhouse, Rosedale Farm, nestled amid rolling hills.

Our latest Shop the Look feature unwraps the enchantment of this occasion, where an array of endless taper candles steals the spotlight in a mesmerising blend of ivory, olive, and black hues creating depth and sophistication. Paired elegantly with a diverse selection of metallic gold and Alpine Haze ceramic holders, along with slender glass sleeves.

This display not only incorporates a mix of varying heights but also captivates with its visually enticing colour palette, harmonising with the natural elements of the tablescape.

Every detail, excluding the enoki mushrooms and grapes procured from the vegetable garden, were meticulously foraged, adding a touch of authenticity to enhance the natural charm of the setting.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of this fusion of modern and rustic aesthetics and let it inspire your upcoming celebration. Discover the curated elements that made this event truly magical and recreate the ambience at your next gathering.

Styling | Steve Cordony

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