Floating Candle Holders

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Add a touch of sophistication to your home or event with our floating candle holders. 

Whether you’re making a house feel like a home or adding a flourish to an event table, there’s no better feeling than stepping back, admiring your handiwork and thinking, “yes, I nailed it!”. At Hueseeka, we know the power of self-expression and unique styling for inspiring happiness, and it’s our mission to bring you everything you need to bring your vision to life. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce one of the all-time MVPs of decor and styling: floating candle holders.

So, what is it about glass floating candle holders?

There’s something impossibly charming about floating candles. Perhaps it’s the unlikely combination of fire and water working in perfect harmony. Perhaps it’s the innate romance of candlelight paired with the glorious glimmer of glass. Or, maybe, it’s the endless possibilities that a floating candle holder represents. Whatever it is, glass floating candle holders are a mainstay of home decor and event styling. 

Planning a wedding? Romance and sparkle come standard with our gorgeous glass cylinder candle holders

The classic combo of candles and glass is like champagne and strawberries: timeless, delightful and just a little bit sexy. The unmistakable romance of floating candles makes them popular as wedding decor, with our holders often styled as table centrepieces, altar decorations and aisle markers. 

Our collection of floating candle vases will set the scene and instantly wow guests, reflecting the ambient glow of candlelight for hours on end. 

Glass candle vase styling tips

Our glass candle vases are the ultimate versatile styling piece – a blank canvas just waiting for you to create a work of art. Whether you go for a sleek, minimalist water-filled look or use it as part of an extravagant floral display, you’ll be able to elevate your event or home décor time and time again. Here are some of our favourite ways to style our clear glass candle holders. 

Make it your own

Accentuate or customise your display with decorative additions. Sink river pebbles or glass beads or immerse coordinated event blooms or seasonal elements for added theming. 
Our floating candle vases are also easily adapted to complement any home entertaining occasion or interior décor style.

Mix up your heights

Use different heights to create a layered look or team with displays of wedding florals to create romantic centrepiece sets on tables. 

Floating candle holders are most effective when grouped together in a combination of heights, either on tabletops or mantels. Pair a tall glass candle vase with candle holders of different sizes in roughly descending sizes to create a “messy pyramid” effect on your event table.  

Swap water for sand

You don’t just have to use water in your glass candle holders! Fill your vases with sand for a sweet and simple beach-themed look. In fact, any fire-safe material can be used to fill your glass cylinder candle holders and create a unique effect. 

Floating candles for home décor

Effortlessly bring ambience to an intimate dinner party with a luxurious floating candle holder centrepiece, transforming your room into an interior design magazine cover, or up your décor game, creating a tranquil bathroom feature, perfect for a spa retreat.

Change with the seasons

Floating candle holders provide extensive versatility for seasonal styling. For evening winter themes, use low-height vases with cosy classic colours to encourage a sense of warmth. For daylight summer styling, experiment with varying heights and coordinate with freshly foraged scented flowers and greenery to create a dreamy and relaxed atmosphere.

Regardless of whether you’re entertaining or chasing Hampton-inspired décor vibes, floating candle holders instantly transform any environment into an effortlessly stylish and inviting space.

Use both indoors and out, bringing delight to a table setting, an air of calm to a dinner party or a sense of enchantment to a function under the stars. From whimsical to elegant, floating candle holders can be styled to suit any theme or occasion. 

Wholesale candle holders

Made from high-quality materials, our floating candle holders are designed to stand firm, protectively encasing flame from draughts or wind, ensuring candles burn safely and reliably for hours on end.  

Available in a series of heights and widths to suit your space, our collection allows you to mix and match with our coordinated candle range to design everything and anything in between, tailored to suit your event, home décor style or unique space.

The best news? Our holders are available in bulk! If you’re not already a Hueseeka Wholesale Partner, you can register as a wholesale partner now. It only takes a few moments and will give you access to exclusive sneak peeks, inspiration and exceptional customer service. 

Shop candles and glass candle holders today

Whether you want to impress guests, turn up the romance or style a captivating centrepiece, our collection of glass floating candle holders will conjure an enchanting atmosphere, creating an impressive, ethereal display for hours on end.

Explore the range of floating candle vases online to discover how you can create unique spaces for beautiful moments and lasting memories for your event or home with the collection of glass floating candle holders from Hueseeka