The Hueseeka Story

[Hue-seeka] noun.

One who passionately pursues colour. A curator of rituals, moments and events.

We cater to every style of event, moment or ritual, whether big, small, intimate or over-the-top. 

We seek out styles in hues that we know will effortlessly transition between seasons while maintaining an enduring sense of style. 

We brighten your day with our service, our offering and our ability to curate and showcase a bold approach. Our products brighten elaborate and intimate events, moments of connection and rituals that bring joy, through light, colour and design. 

At our core we aim to always inspire and showcase how our pieces can be used, whether you’re a homebody, a dinner party host, a décor connoisseur or a professional stylist.

Seek your style, find your hue for every event, moment or ritual.


Hueseeka embodies who we are and what you're seeking – quality, colour, and choice. You're a Hueseeka, seeking to capture the magic of every occasion. With an eye for interior and event design, we're your BFF, curating styles and colours that will endure the seasons.

Our Collections & Designs

We mix and match styles, colours and textures to showcase what is coming in the world of interior and event design. Led by our Co-Founder and Creative Director, Rebecca McCormick who started her career in Interior Design, then as a Fashion Buyer in Australia for multi-brand boutiques.

Her passion for design and spatial aesthetics has been the driving force behind Hueseeka’s evolution. Today, she conceptualises each Hueseeka piece with a focus on quality, colour and functionality. Like an alchemist of hues, colour and versatility is the essence of her design philosophy. 

Hueseeka tableware and décor collections are curated to seamlessly transition between changing seasons while exuding versatility and style. Each product is tried, tested, and stylist-approved, empowering you to confidently host your upcoming event, romantic dinner for two, or girls' night in.



Seeka bright brunch in hues of blue? Let us help you find your perfect hue.