Votive Candles

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These small candles pack a big punch. Elevate your space with a gorgeous votive candle display. 

Bring a warm glow and add a clear, beautiful light to any room with our signature unscented votive candle range.

The perfect middle ground between large pillar candles and small tealights, unscented votive candles are a popular choice for weddings, banquets, and dinner parties, as they effortlessly add a flawless finishing touch to tabletop displays while providing the perfect amount of ambient candlelight.

Popular for weddings and intimate events, votive candles lend a touch of sparkling ambience and romance to any venue, from churches to outdoor receptions. Commonly used by home staging professionals and stylists, our versatile, unscented range is designed to provide endless styling options to complement any décor.

Votive candle holders

Pair with our range of high-quality glass votive holders to extend burn time and create a stunning, candlelight display.  Use sleek contemporary styles to add modern beauty to a space or diffuse candlelight through vintage inspired designs to create a bespoke antique inspired arrangement.

If you’re looking for votive candle holders we’ve got you covered! Our 15hr Acrylic Cup Votive Pack comes as a pack of 20 white candles, with each votive contained in a clear acrylic case. Alternatively, the rest of our stunning votives can be paired with our range of votive candle holders! Find the perfect holder with our tealight and votive candle holders collection. 

Votives for weddings and events

Elegant, beautiful and utterly timeless, votive candles are a mainstay of event styling. Whether you’re planning an intimate soiree, an elegant dinner party or a grand wedding our bulk votives will help to elevate your event. 

We’ve got your colour!

Add a splash of colour and creativity with over 40 candle colours available, ranging from the latest in seasonal trends to ever-popular traditional tints in our Décor Votive Pack.  Coordinate with your wedding colour palette or event colours to achieve a seamless, cohesive design flow.

Ceremonies and receptions

Candlelight is synonymous with romance, so naturally votive candles are a wedding staple! Ideal for styling on wedding aisles, alters and reception tables, our votives will bring effortless style to your wedding. 

Wedding favours

Another reason we love votives for weddings: votive candles make ideal wedding favours! These beautiful and symbolic candles make a lovely and romantic gift that your guests will treasure.  

Event styling

Lighting is crucial to setting the right mood, and there’s nothing more welcoming than the flicker and shine of candlelight. Votive candles provide the effortless ambience of candlelight coupled with the added styling power of colour and sparkling glass when paired with votive candle holders. 

Votive candles look fabulous on their own or styled with seasonal blooms, pillar candles and tapers for extra interest and depth. 

FAQs about Votive Candles

What is a votive candle?

A votive candle, sometimes called a candle votive or a prayer candle is a small candle traditionally associated with Christian prayer. A votive is essentially an offering, and a votive candle is often used to represent devotion or a prayer being offered up. Nowadays, votive candles are used far beyond the church and have become popular for home decor and event styling. 

What is the difference between votive and tealight candles?

Votives and tealights are both small candles, but with a few distinct differences. A votive candle is larger and either free-standing or contained in a glass votive candle holder, whereas a tealight is much smaller and typically self-contained in a metallic casing. Votive candles are traditionally used as prayer offerings in the Christian faith.  

Can I buy votive candles in bulk?

Yes! Wholesale Partners can purchase bulk votive candles. If you’re not already a Wholesale Partner it only takes a few moments to apply! Apply for Wholesale Partner access.

Votive candles with Hueseeka

We’re on a mission to bring premium, beautiful, on-trend candles to event planners and stylists throughout Australia. 

Made from quality ingredients, including premium wax and lead-free 100% cotton wicks, our collection of unscented votive candles produce a clean burning, calm flame that provides an uninterrupted ambience all year round.

Explore the range of unscented votive candles and experience the renowned quality of the Hueseeka collection today.

Find the perfect votive candles for your next event and shop online today