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Your shopping experience can be even easier. Save your time and find the perfect candle set for any occasion or style you prefer. Easily recreate your favourite seasonal tabletop, modern function or boho styled wedding with our easy-to-follow guides.

Easily recreate your favourite seasonal tabletop, modern function or boho styled wedding with our easy-to-follow guides.

Check back regularly for the latest looks and how-to styling techniques.  For interim inspiration, explore more about monochrome, seaside and boho candle styling.

A monochrome design combines black and white candles to create a striking impact. One of the easiest design styles to achieve, this timeless look never fails to gain attention and extremely versatile, works in any room.

To recreate this look, explore our range of black and white candle shapes and the variations of colours available to curate a monochromatic theme to suit your space.  Experiment with pure black and solid white architectural bold shapes to achieve an artistic, modern display or use more traditional silhouettes and softer shades, paired with delicate accessories and swathes of linens to style a romantic dining table setting.

For a serene seaside theme that exudes tranquillity and relaxation, explore cool candle shades of blue and green such as teal and emerald.  These colours will bring a harmonious vibe to interiors or add style to outdoor tabletops.

Lovers of blue hues will relish in the extensive range of colours available.  From classic navy to stunning french blue, choose your favourite colour or experiment with seasonal shades to refresh displays.  Stunning for alfresco tablescapes or as indoor accents, the seaside theme is perfect for styling everything from beach inspired wedding receptions to luxe spa havens.

A wedding styling favourite, boho vintage exudes subtle romance and wistful elegance. 

Whilst there are variations to the theme, the main styling principle is to use soft, muted earthy tones across your preferred shapes and sizes.  At Hueseeka we have developed colour palettes specifically to meet the ongoing demand for this alluring look.  Shades of toffee, latte, heritage rose, dusty and antique pinks effortlessly combine for a floaty, feminine feel.

To elevate or add interest to your boho look, add an accent colour such as sage green or lilac, remembering to keep the tones soft and grounding to stay on theme. 

For more inspiration, follow the Hueseeka social media feed today.  Remember to revisit this page for further insight into curated collections with advice and guidance on how to recreate the latest candlelight looks.