Francesca Hung's Vogue Featured Bow-Adorned Whimsical Wedding

In a whimsical wonderland of love, where bows fluttered like butterflies and pearls adorned every corner, a magical wedding unfolded. The enchanting venue was aglow with the soft flicker of our signature Dinner Candles and Vase Candles, casting a warm and romantic ambiance. Each bow, meticulously tied with care, added a touch of charm to the ethereal setting. Pearls, delicately strung and elegantly draped, adorned tables and hung from branches, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. As vows were exchanged amidst the soft glow and gentle rustle of bows, it was a celebration of love wrapped in the enchantment of a fairy tale, where every detail sparkled with whimsy and grace.

Read the Vogue atricle on Francesca and Nick's big day here.

Superstar team including
Photographer @alta__studio
Style/Floral/Ceremony Installation @theromance.styling
Celebrant/Content Creation @aniellabatten_celebrant
Location @dunespalmbeach
Music @duanandonly__
Videographer @annalysewoodgate
Hire @theetilier
Cake @vegemammma
Stationery and Signage @theblacklinebottega
Gown @oglialorocouture
Suit @suitsupply
Necklace @kitte_au
Bridal fashion styling @styledbybloom_
Candles @hueseeka
Hair @uf.styles