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The flicker and glow of candlelight, without the flame! LED tealight candles are an energy-efficient way to bring light and ambience to your next event. Our LED tealight candles provide the same soft, flickering glow as traditional wax candles, with the added benefit of lasting up to 10 times longer than their wax counterparts. 

With no open flame, these battery-operated candles are a safer alternative to wax candles and can be used in venues or settings where open flames may not be allowed. Our LED tealights offer up to 200 hours of light per set of batteries. With no heat and no smoke, LED candles are an ideal choice for decorations and events where you want to create a romantic atmosphere.


No need to spend time rushing around lighting your tea lights or blowing out the candles at the end of the night. With our handy remote control, you can set timers for your candles and adjust the flame modes. (It’s not quite clapping your hands to turn on the lights, but it’s almost as fun!)  


As an event stylist, you know how great it is having your favourite failsafe styling pieces ready to go. Our flameless tealights are a staple for any stylist or event planner, ready to roll at a moment's notice and elevate the room with glimmering, authentic candlelight. For flame-free, romantic lighting that can be used time after time, you can’t go past our high-quality LED dinner candles. When you need to add instant sparkle and light to an event or tablescape you can rely on your trusty LED tealights. If your customers are planning an outdoor wedding, our LED tealights are at the ready to provide weather-proof lighting! Having an event at a venue that doesn’t allow open flames? Not a problem! Send in the LED tealights! 

WHY Hueseeka?

At Hueseeka, we strive to create the finest candles and candle holders in Australia. Our hand-poured candles, eco-friendly scented soy candles, and a variety of stylish candle holders are the perfect choice for all occasions. We work with some of the top event professionals in the industry to bring unique ideas to event planners and home stylists. We are proud to be a part of creating beautiful events for everyone to enjoy! 

We value our customers, so we're committed to providing the best quality candles and stylish accessories that can transform any event space. Our selection is sure to have something special for every occasion from birthdays, weddings or corporate events. With us, you're sure to find something special that will bring warmth and light to your event! 

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help make your next event shine, turn to Hueseeka and let the magic happen. We look forward to creating a memorable experience with you!


Do you run an event styling business? Or would you like to stock Hueseeka products in your store? We’d love to chat! You can apply to become a Hueseeka Stylist or Stockist online in just a few moments. Our affiliates get exclusive access to fabulous wholesale prices, styling tips, events, product sneak peeks and more. Plus, you can order your candles, holders and accessories online via our online portal. 


What are the benefits of using fake candles?

LED candles come with a range of benefits. Because they’re battery-powered, they can be used multiple times and with burn times of up to 200 hours, your tealights will last about 50 times longer than a traditional wax tealight! Plus, no heat, no smoke and no dripping wax to clean up. LED candles are popular for weddings and outdoor events where it’s not practical to use traditional flame candles. No need to worry about fire bans, wild weather or clean-up – these are the ultimate easy-to-use candles! 

How long do your LED tealight candles burn for?

Our LED tealight candles typically “burn” for up to 200 hours. A traditional wax tealight, meanwhile, will burn for around 3-4 hours. With the added bonus that your LED tealights can have their batteries replaced, there’s virtually no limit on the length of time you can use your tealights for! 

Do I need to use a candle holder with my LED tealight candles?

No, you don’t necessarily need to place your LED tealights in a candle holder as they’re able to stand on their own. However, if you want to add some additional class and style to your candle display, our LED tealights are compatible with any of our tealight candle holders. Candle holders are a great way to incorporate some colour and fun into your candle display. 

Do LED tealights produce heat? 

No, LED tealights do not produce any heat. Because LED candles contain light-emitting diodes (LEDs) they do not produce any heat, even when used for extended periods of time. Traditional wax tealights will give off heat from the candle’s flame, whereas LED lights provide a light source without emitting heat. This is thanks to LEDs being very efficient, with most of their energy going towards producing light, not heat. 

Do you sell other kinds of LED candles?

We sure do! As well as our LED tealights we also offer LED Dinner Candles and LED Pillar Candles. We can’t get enough of these flame-free candles. 

Do you offer free delivery on LED tealight candles?

Yes, we offer free delivery on eligible orders over $99 throughout Australia. Please note free shipping is only available for orders with an eligible street address, we’re unable to ship orders to PO boxes. We don’t currently offer free shipping on international orders. You’ll receive an accurate shipping estimate once you enter your location and additional details at checkout.