Welcome To Our New Era


We have evolved. We are more than just candles and our brand needed to embody this. We had to dive deep into who we are, what our passion is and what our world looks like in the future. We have been on this journey for a long time, always with you in mind. As your needs blossomed, so did we.

We have always been passionate about our product and bettering ourselves every day. Our OG customers will remember our humble beginnings as Southern Lights CANDLE CO which started in 2017. We later underwent a little brand facelift and became CANDLE CO. While CANDLE CO. holds a special place in our hearts, we've outgrown its confines and transformed into something greater: Hueseeka.




Behind the Rebrand

Hueseeka not only embodies everything we have evolved into, but also what our vision for the future looks like. Our new name, Hueseeka embodies who we are and what you're seeking – quality, colour, and choice. We curate collections that infuse timelessness and contemporary design in every piece, each carefully crafted to brighten boldly.

1. More Products

Formerly, CANDLE CO., we felt constrained by our identity, realizing that we had surpassed the boundaries of candles alone. We aspire to play a more significant role in shaping your style, making your events, moments, and rituals uniquely yours. We're thrilled to introduce a vibrant array of new tableware and decor pieces – and yes, even more candles – to our repertoire. Hueseeka tableware and décor collections are curated to seamlessly transition between changing seasons while exuding versatility and style. Each product is tried, tested, and stylist-approved, empowering you to confidently host an extravagant event, a romantic dinner for two, or a girls' night in.

2. A New Look

Bid farewell to the monochrome monotony, and welcome the burst of vibrant hues as we unveil our fresh and colourful rebrand. Our new look and logo are a captivating blend of contemporary design and timeless elegance. The play on colour reflects the dynamic nature of our brand, while sleek lines symbolise our commitment to crafting product to stand the test of time. 

3. A New Website

With this transformation, we've set out to enhance your shopping experience. Our new website boasts a fresh look, additional features, search filters, captivating imagery, boundless inspiration, and more. No need to worry, your login secrets are still locked and loaded! 

We are incredibly excited for you to join us on our next chapter. So, here’s to our new journey together, as Hueseeka.